A bite of Italy

Gragnano’s Macaroni

Maccaroneria di Gragnano – Premiato Pastificio del Cavaliere Olimpio Afeltra is one of the oldest pasta factory in Gragnano, a small village well-known throughout the world for pasta production.

It was this Pasta factory to launch, at the beginning of 1800, the famous “maccheroni”.The King of Naples Ferdinand II of Bourbon went to visit Gragnano to taste the famous maccheroni of the Pastificio Afeltra and his comment was “A macaroni is worth a hundred spaghetti”.

The award-winning Premiato Pastificio Afeltra pasta factory is located in the center of Gragnano in the original building since 1848 and produces up to 50 qt of bronze-cut slow-drying handmade pasta daily using only the finest wheat.