About us

Our goal is to spread the Italian gastronomic culture in the Middle East and guarantee origin, sustainability and traceability of each product.

MAGAZZINO ITALIA has been established to support the internationalization process of products made by Italian farmers’ cooperatives and services provided by Italian agrifood companies, in the Middle East, as well as to support the international business activity of national, regional and local traders’ associations processing dairy products, meat products, fruit and vegetables, cereals, bakery and confectionery products, plants and flowers.

MAGAZZINO ITALIA is eager to export not only products but a food culture represented by the Mediterranean diet: “Mediterranean diet for good food and good life”! The importance and values of this Diet have been recognized by UNESCO. It enhances not only the culinary value of the Mediterranean countries, but also their history, art and natural landscapes. It combines and balances food in such a way as to meet the qualitative and quantitative needs of a person and to a certain extent preserves his/her health thanks to the use of substances that help the body to perform normal vital functions. It is an intangible heritage that MAGAZZINO ITALIA wants to foster abroad.

We guarantee the origin and traceability of each single product, certifying the sustainability of farms and factories involved in order to safeguard customers’ interest.

MAGAZZINO ITALIA wants also to guarantee:

  • Strict quality control: quality control processes of 100% Italian food products, based on the strict legislation of the European Community.
  • Quality provided by selected Italian farmers while providing transparency to consumers, who will not see such factors reflected in the price but in the “trademark”.
  • Ethical values linked to the product and to the transparency of the distribution along the whole chain: from the olive tree to the supermarket trolley!